Exhibitions updates

From May 27 till October 30, 2016 the Limburgs Museum in Venlo organizes the exhibition: ‘A century of home cinema‘, which is one of the two exhibitions on ‘home movies’ resulting from the research project Changing Platforms of Ritualized Memory Practices: The Cultural Dynamics of Home Movies. 

See below for the ‘making-of‘ the exhibition at the Limburg Museum:


Update 28 May, 2016: opening of the exhibition 'A Century of Home Cinema'


Update 27 May, 2016: almost ready for the exhibition's opening

Update 26 May, 2016: preparing interactive objects (zootrope and cinematograph)


Update 25 May, 2016: placing objects in showcase and finalizing thematic films

Update 24 May, 2016: preparing of the exhibition space (2)

Update 18 May, 2016: printing exhibition texts and images

Update 11 May, 2016: preparing of the exhibition space (1)

Update 4 May, 2016: checking a 1980s television screening device

Update 27 April, 2016: categorizing time-periods and images on walls

Update 13 April, 2016: finishing stills for decorating viewing cabins

Update 6 April, 2016: selecting VHS videos for exhibition

3d schets home movie1

Update 30 March, 2016: first exhibition sketches