Exposing the Film Apparatus

International seminar to celebrate the launch of Exposing the Film Apparatus – The Film Archive as a Research Laboratory. Edited by Giovanna Fossati and Annie van den Oever, this volume offers a range of essays on historical and contemporary film apparatus and media technologies.

The volume contains essays by 32 international contributors, including collection specialists, curators, projectionists and academics from a variety of disciplines. Five authors will be giving a presentation at the seminar, on subjects ranging from Ciné Kodak cameras to bigger post-production equipment such as 35mm film printers.

Exposing the Film Apparatus is a volume of essays on historical and contemporary film apparatus and media technologies. An international gathering of both archive specialists and academics selected 29 apparatuses from several periods, ranging from the pre-cinema era to the digital age. The contributors reflect on the relevance of the apparatuses for their specific areas of research. All essays are introduced by a full-page illustration of the object under discussion, a technical description and a theoretical framework. The objects have been arranged according to size and transportability.

Exposing the Film Apparatus fits well with two other recent initiatives involving film apparatuses in EYE. At the end of 2015, EYE launched EYE Explore. For this project, interactive pre-cinema apparatuses were installed throughout the museum building, allowing visitors to discover the precursors of film for themselves. As such, EYE Explore is a fitting complement to the already existing Panorama, EYE’s permanent exhibition showing film equipment associated with significant moments in film history.

This volume includes essays on the iPhone versus the Debrie Parvo camera, Bolex cameras in New York’s avant-garde circuit, the use of 16mm projectors in Marijke van Warmerdam’s film installations, the Orbit camera stabilizer used by Leonard Retel Helmrich to develop his Single Shot Cinema style, stencil techniques in early cinema, the 35mm Geyer ‘Rekord’ film printer, Augmented Reality browsers and a score of other subjects.

Exposing the Film Apparatus is edited by Giovanna Fossati (Chief Curator EYE Film Museum and Professor of Film Heritage and Digital Film Culture at the University of Amsterdam) and Annie van den Oever (Head of the Film Archive of the University of Groningen and Professor by special appointment to the Chair in ‘Film and Visual Media’ at the University of the Free State, South Africa). This volume is part of the Framing Film series, a collaboration between EYE and Amsterdam University Press.

ISBN 978 90 8964 718 4
490 pages
€ 39.90