Pre-conference event

Exploring New Methodologies for Media Research, Teaching, and Curating

How can we challenge the exclusively textual approaches to media history and opt for a more experimental and hands-on approach to cultural heritage?  The University of Groningen’s Film Archive and the Network for Experimental Media Archaeology, focused on media heritage, are working on  innovative methodologies for engaging with past media technologies by creating situations of re-use to experience and understand the complex relationship between the materiality of media devices and the performative qualities of such objects.


You are kindly invited to the presentation of their concept of a new digital platform used for the recording and sharing of data and experiments, and to discuss new, experimental, apparatus-oriented forms of media research, teaching, and curating. Central to the discussion will be the new platform, and its value for research, teaching and curation purposes.


By Giovanna Fossati (Eye Film Institute The Netherlands / University of Amsterdam), Andreas Fickers (Luxembourg University), Annie van den Oever, Bernd Warnders, and André Rosendaal (University of Groningen), Andrea Haller (Deutsches Filminstitut / German Film Museum Frankfurt am Main), Ludwig Vogl Bienek (University of Trier), Nick Hall (Royal Holloway, University of London), Johan Oomen (Beeld en Geluid / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision NISV, Hilversum).

Chair: Tjeerd Willem Hobma, Managing Director of the Centre for Information Technology, RUG


The event will take place in Infoversum’s 3D Dome and its director, astronomer Shawn Laatsch, will demonstrate  the specific technologies and value of the 3D Dome for academic research and education as part of the program.

Time: September 10, 10.30 – 14:30 h

Entrance free for all. Please follow this link to subscribe for the event : SUBSCRIBE

You will find Infoversum here

The Network

The Network promotes new forms of collaboration between academic and cultural heritage institutions, aiming at de-auratizing historical “artefacts” and inviting historians and curators to become experimenters  and museum / archives to function as laboratories. Representatives from the Cinémathèque de la ville de Luxembourg, the Science Museum in London, the National Media Museum in Bradford, and Gronings AudioVisueel Archief (GAVA) are taking part in the discussion.

You may subscribe to the Network by emailing your name and the name of your organisation to