Workshop ‘Amateurs and/as Experts’

On November 21-22nd, the international workshop on “Amateurs and/as experts” was held at the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Maastricht University. Bringing together different approaches to users and different types of users in media and technology studies, the workshop challenged the conceptualizations of ‘amateur’ and ‘expert’ in the adoption, appropriation, and domestication of media technologies such as film, video, radio, television, and the Internet.

The workshop was co-funded by the University Fund SWOL and organized by our research project “Changing Platforms of Ritualized Memory Practices. The Cultural Dynamics of Home Movies”. It was the last workshop in a series of workshops organized this year, each one centralizing one of our project’s main themes. (In October we organized a workshop in Bremen on the concept of Media Generations; and in June we discussed the Dispositif-concept in Luxembourg – click the links for the reports.)

For a full report about the workshop that I wrote for the research project weblog, see: