Exhibition: ‘En avant, marche!’

Until September 2013, the museum of the culture of everyday life in Belgium (Huis van Alijn, Ghent) holds a special exhibition on the cultural life of fanfares and harmonies.

In today’s Belgium, more than thousand fanfares and harmonies operate. Each corps has its own history and varying degrees of success, yet there are large similarities between them. No party or ceremony without trumpets and drum roll!

The exhibition ‘En avant, marche!’ shows the more than 200 year’s history of Flanders harmonies and fanfares. It provides a unique sight into their traditions by means of showing posters, musical instruments, uniforms, regulations, membership lists, photo and filmic portraits and musical scores. A special part of the exhibition is an audiovisual presentation of one hundred portraits the photographer Stephan Vanfleteren who made beautiful portraits of several members from the Flemish fanfares, harmonies and majorette corps.











For more information on the exhibition, see the website of Huis van Alijn: