Summer School: ‘Everyday appropriation of technology’

Between 20-25th of August, 2012 a Summer School on ‘The Everyday Appropriation of Technology” is organized by Maastricht University and TU Darmstadt. Location: Waldemar Peterson House in Riezlern, Austria.

“The present diffusion of so-called smart phones illustrates the main topic of the Summer School. When users adopt iPhones or Androids, they do so on at least two levels: spatially and bodily. The domestication of these “gadgets” requires the development of new sensory skills (tactual, visual, auditory) and goes hand in hand with new routines of mobility and social interaction. The aim of the Summer School is to improve our understanding of such processes—or, in more general terms, to get a better grasp of the everyday appropriation of technology. By providing an interdisciplinary and international setting, the organizers hope to provide a common platform from which to discuss the spatial and sensorial dimension of domestication. The Summer School investigates the specific role and importance of the senses in the spatial adoption of technologies in everyday environments, bringing together expertise based on the disciplinary and thematic profile of the two graduate schools.”

For a report on the Summer School written by Tim van der Heijden & Fabian de Kloe, see: